My name is Mikael. I am taking care of the Satsang room for Soham, and I would like to invite you to help and participate.

There are some tasks around Satsang with Soham where you can participate and contribute your energy, thus becoming a part of Satsang. It is my personal experience that serving Satsang is a profound blessing for me. It is not me 'giving' something, but I am receiving continuously.

In his book Spiritual Truth, Swamiji says about the Ideal Sadhak (disciple):

  • "He regards himself lucky to be able to do the work for the Guru. He knows that the work will get done, but the fact that the work gets done through him is his luck."
  • "For the disciple, work for the Guru is work done by the soul, for the soul, and he just performs the work."

We are looking forward to you participating, and it is fun! This is how you can contribute:

During the weeks prior to Satsang: distributing Flyers

The more people know about Soham being here, the more beautiful Satsang is, because more people are joining Satsang every day. During the weeks prior to Satsang, flyers can be put out at many suitable places, also in a wider area around the Satsang city. Good places are, for instance, health food stores, book stores, cafés, meditation centers, yoga and sport studios, doctor’s / health practitioners / body workers, copy shops and alternative bars and cinemas.

If you would like to distribute flyers in your area, please contact Alaya at

At the first day of Satsang: setup beginning at 11 h

Before the first Satsang can start, there is a lot to do in order to get the room ready.

  • At 11 h I begin with unloading the equipment from the van. This first phase of setup takes about one hour, and at the same time, this is the part of setup where your participation is especially valuable, because I cannot do this alone. If you can join, even if it is for just this one hour, please come!
  • Between 12 and 17 h, we put up the equipment and prepare the room and Satsang. It is a wonderful job which again and again has given me so much joy over the years: transforming a room into a Satsang room!

The more people come and participate on this day, the more fun this „setup party” is. If you have questions about setup day, or if you simply want to confirm your participation, please write to me at

During Satsang time on each day

During the entire Satsang time, there are several things to be done every day before and during Satsang to ensure that all is working and that visitors feel welcome and cared for:

  • Running errands during the day: almost daily, there are some errands to be done for Satsang and Soham. Your help is most appreciated.
  • Technical work: for maintaining and improving the high technical quality of Satsang, Mikael looks for people experienced in the technical field (soldering, electronics, mechanical work) who would like to join technical projects for several days (or even weeks) in a row.
  • Before Satsang: at 17:30 h I begin with preparing the room for Satsang. During this hour between 17:30 and 18:30 h prior to entrance, two helpers are very welcome.
  • During Satsang: two helpers are very welcome during Satsang for welcoming the guests at the entrance and in the room.

Please contact me during setup or in Satsang in case you have questions or if you want to join, or write to me at

Packing and loading after the last Satsang between
21:30 - 23:00 h

Immediately after the last Satsang has ended at 21:30 h, everything in the Satsang room is being put down, packed, and then loaded into the van. This “packing party” is great fun, and the more people join, the more fun it is!

If you make yourself available during those 1 ½ hours after the last Satsang, your help is much appreciated. Just like setup, the packing entirely depends on your participation.

Accomodation for Soham and his crew

n this life of permanent travelling, a pleasant accommodation is a very special support for us. In old Christian tradition, people knew about the blessing which came upon a house when travelling monks were welcomed in.

  • If you would like to make your entire flat available for Soham and Rajma during the time of Satsang in your city, then please write to The flat should provide 2 separate rooms for the two of them.
  • If you would like to make a separate room available for me (Mikael), please contact me at I don’t need a bed, since I am sleeping on the floor.
  • For some cities we also look for a room for Vimukto. If you would like to invite her, please write to

Thank you so much - and Welcome in Satsang with Soham!