Satsang with Soham lives solely by your donations. We can continue to travel, rent Satsang rooms, and broadcast online Satsang, only with the help of your donation.

Soham: "It has been thought by many people, that Satsang is a “profitable business”. This is far from the truth. Every year we manage to spend a little more that actually comes in from all sources. When we can manage to keep our bank balance at zero, we are happy.  For sure we have never had a surplus.

The good news is: with the help of your donations - no matter how much or how little -, we will manage to continue traveling and bringing the truth to you, supporting your quest for self-realization and freedom."

How to donate:

Bank transfers can be made to this bank account:

Sam Golden
Volksbank Alzey-Worms eG
IBAN: DE61 5509 1200 0025 5660 09

Please make bank transfers from Switzerland to this bank account: 

Maria Laemmli
Konto 261-372751.40 H
UBS Olten
IBAN: CH75 0026 1261 3727 5140 H

Please send Paypal transfers to: or