More Specials until 2018

  • Tauch in die Stille ein(Immerse yourself in Silence) Korfu, 30.08.2016 (CD, MP3) Family, Friendship, Identification
  • Korfu Special 2015 (MP3 Corfu Special 2015) 6 chosen Satsangs from the Holiday Intensive (MP3) Man/woman, relationships and freedom, being true to the moment,
    war and trauma
  • Alles ist Satsang(All is Satsang) Karlsruhe, 19.6.15 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Letting go, relationship, surrender, meditation
  • Bleibe still!(Be still!) Köln, 17.1.15 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Health, work/money, death
  • Im Feuer brennen(Burning in the Fire) Wien, 16.8.13 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Pain, escaping, autohypnosis
  • Schlüssel zur Freiheit(Key to Freedom) Stiersbach, 23.6.12 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Relationship/dependency, beyond the mind, totality
  • Hingabe an Gott: sei dir selbst treu (Surrender to God: be true to yourself) Dresden, 25.3.12 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) Surrender, idea of me, relationship, life in a community
  • Leichtigkeit im Alltag(Easy in Daily Life) Frankfurt, 14.3.12 (DVD, MP4, CD, MP3) There is really nothing to do
  • Spiel des Bewußtseins(The Play of Consciousness) Freiburg, 23.2.12 (DVD, MP4, CDMP3) Death, guilt feelings, judgments
  • Bleibe unbeteiligt(Remain uninvolved) Munich, 7.8.10 (DVD, CD) Depression, being fat, impatience, taking care of parents, getting older
  • Alles dient der Wahrheit (Everything serves the Truth) Berlin, 30.11.09 (DVD) Religious faith, TV violence, desires, healing
  • Loslassen ohne Bedingungen (Letting go without conditions) Münster, 1.10.09 (DVD, CD) How to let go, be total, "I" concepts, trust in Life
  • Intimität mit Dir(Intimacy with You) Zurich, 16.7.09 (DVD, CD) Identification, grown-up children, security, intimacy
  • Die List des Verstandes(The Trick of the Mind) Munich, 14.5.09 (DVD, CD) Acceptance, tricks of the mind, migraine, bulimia
  • Die Falle des Ich-Gedanken (The Trap of the "I" thought) Zürich, 14.2.09 (DVD, CD) To just be a guest, grounding oneself, ego killer, tricky mind, honesty
  • Selbstliebe (Self Love) Münster, 25.1.09 (DVD, CD) Without judgments, dealing with feelings and thoughts, the ficticious Me
  • Jesus der Rebell (Jesus the Rebell) Cologne, 28.9.08 (DVD, CD) Religion, church, fear of God, deliverance, drugs
  • Wachsamkeit verändert alles (Awareness changes everything) Munich, 24.4.08 (DVD, CD) New job orientation, depression/suicide, bad habits
  • Aus der Stille leben (Living from the Truth) Dresden, 10.3.08 (DVD, CD) Aloneness, accepting everything, meditation, "never enough"
  • Frei in Beziehungen (Free in Relationships) Cologne, 18.1.08 (DVD, CD) Rage without fear, manipulation & respect, women's power
  • Wo ist Gott? (Where is God?) Munich, 12.8.07 (DVD, CD) The evil, meditation & daily life, environment, poverty-wealth
  • Dein Frieden umarmt die Erde (Your Peace embraces the World) Zürich, 17.7.07 (DVD, CD) Meaning of experience, incarnation, freedom, mind discipline
  • Die Pilgerschaft endet Hier (The Pilgrimage ends Here) Münster, 27.1.07 (DVD, CD) Free from concepts, relationships end, bulimia
  • Stirb für diesen Moment (Die to This Moment) Cologne, 19.1.07 (DVD, CD) Resonance, change of direction, clairvoyance, consciousness
    is everything
  • Ein Funke genügt (One Spark is enough) Münster, 11.11.06 (DVD, CD) Ignorance/truth, work/leisure, economy of God
  • Schluss mit Kampf und Politur (An End to Fight and Polish) Cologne, 5.11.06 (DVD, CD) Acting sensibly, how wisdom develops, feeling
  • Hier-Sein gibt Antwort (Being Here is the Answer) Corfu, 11.9.06 (DVD, CD) One teacher-many faces, vanity, exposure of the parents
  • Benutze was ist (Use That which is) Munich, 18.6.06 (DVD, CD) After death, rest here, becoming real, animal nature
  • Sein oder Denken (Being or Thinking) Baden-Baden, 4.6.06 (DVD, CD) Living the truth, healing wounds, who am I
  • Interview with Samarpan 30.5.06 (DVD, CD) Message & healing, happiness, morals, fanatism
  • In Dir zentriert (Centered in Yourself) Zurich, 19.2.06 (DVD, CD) Therapeutic relationships, loving, enlightenment concepts
  • Wie ein Fisch im Ozean (Like a Fish in the Ocean) Cologne, 19.1.06 (DVD) Relationship: ego killer, respecting the distance/ keeping the love
  • Unpersönliche Liebe (Unpersonal Love) Cologne, 18.1.06 (DVD) Manipulation/being radical in relationships, learning to fail
  • Salsa des Lebens (Salsa of Life) Münster, 5.11.05 (DVD) Serving children, family bonds, depression, love - the acid test
  • Dummheit und Chancen (Stupidity and Chances) Hamburg, 3.10.05 (DVD) The chance of saying no, stupidity, change of partners, injustice
  • Ein Spiel ohne Verlierer (A Game without Losers) Corfu, 30.8.05 (DVD) Enlightenment - forget it! Tips concerning education, sex myths
  • DER LACHENDE BUDDHA (The Laughing Buddha) 4 DVD Specials in one set - at the price of 3 DVDs (Euro 54.-- / SFr. 69.--)
    • Wie ein Baum im Wind, Hübenthal, 28.3.05, 11 Uhr
    • Zuflucht im Erwachen, Hübenthal, 27.3.05, 13 Uhr
    • Lebendiges Christusbewusstsein, Hübenthal, 26.3.05, 18 Uhr
    • Der ganz normale Wahnsinn, Hübenthal, 26.3.05, 13 Uhr
  • Wie ein Baum im Wind (Like a Tree in the Wind) Hübenthal, 28.3.05, 11 Uhr (DVD) Tips for daily life, the role as a partner/master/boss
  • Zuflucht im Erwachen (Refuge Awakening) Hübenthal, 27.3.05, 13 Uhr (DVD, CD) Womens’ liberation, stress, before/after enlightenment, tsunami
  • Lebendiges Christusbewusstsein (Alive Christ Consciousness) Hübenthal, 26.3.05, 18 Uhr (DVD, CD) Dedicated to the truth, the old traps, dying in peace
  • Der ganz normale Wahnsinn (Just the normal Craziness) Hübenthal, 26.3.05, 13 Uhr (DVD) Pain, myth, housewife, alcohol & sex addiction, resting
  • Nur der Schnee, der fällt... (Just the Snow falling...) Münster, 28.1.05 (DVD) Limitations/potential, be yourself, self love and "love thy neighbor"
  • Gottes Schöpfung feiern (Celebrating God's Creation) Oberlethe, 20.10.04 (DVD, CD) Intimacy/distance, Sokrates/Xanthippe, parents-child-lie; the 7th day
  • Keine Geschichte - kein Leid (No Story - No Suffering) Korfu, 8.9.04 (DVD) Abraham’s sacrifice, love vs. responsibility, the illusion of sex
  • In der Leere zuhause (At Home in the Emptiness) Vienna, 13.8.04 (DVD, CD) Jesus as the Master, Samarpan’s awakening, co-dependency
  • Quelle der Liebe (The Source of Love) Munich, 13.3.04 (DVD) God’s love in all it’s facets
  • Dem Verstand entkommen (Escaping the Mind) Zurich, 14.2.04 (DVD, CD) Tricks of the mind, doubt, states of consciousness, without a mask
  • Im Kochtopf des Meisters (In the Cooking Pot of the Master) Cologne, 22.1.04 (DVD) In resistance, the medicine of the master, teaching, avatar
  • Ein Lächeln im Herzen (A Smile in the Heart) Cologne, 20.1.04 (DVD) Experience of God, aggression, one with the master
  • Der Tod von "Supermann" (Death of "Superman") Frankfurt, 8.12.03 (CD) Family bonds, forgiving yourself, love is no feeling, "helping"
  • Kein Hunger nach Copacabana (No Hunger for Copacabana) Frankfurt, 6.12.03 (DVD, CD) Tasting God, the lie of Prince Charming, being a housewife
  • Mit dem Fluss des Lebens (With the Flow of Life) (Book reading & Satsang) Frankfurt, 4.12.03 (CD) Withdrawal, art, worldly misery, Divine impulses, safety
  • Der einfache Weg (The Simple Path) Bremen, 6.11.03 (CD) Being ready to die, being wild, purity, 100% is easy
  • Der Tempel Gottes (The Temple of God) Hamburg, 4.10.03 (DVD) Easiness, worship, religion without faith, purgatory
  • Die Kunst zu leben (The Art of Living) Corfu, 3.9.03 (DVD) Exhaustion, boredom, serving God, freedom - what for?
  • Nicht ernst - gewöhnlich; nicht heilig - menschlich! (Not serious - ordinary; not holy - human!)Hübenthal, 21.4.03, 13 Uhr (DVD) Silence, nobody, only THAT, taking the power away from the illusion
  • Erleuchtung - "no big bang" (Enlightenment - "no big bang") Hübenthal, 20.4.03, 11 Uhr (DVD) Look closely, guru hopping, sex and church
  • Vergiss alles! (Forget everything!) Frankfurt, 22.3.03 (DVD) With no idea, being a misfit, "express therapy"
  • Alles perfekt - Bush, Saddam, du, deine Eltern, der Regenwald... (Everything perfect - Bush, Saddam, you, your parents, the rain forest...) Bremen, 28.1.03 (DVD) National ego, master-disciple, daily life in relationship, school
  • Wahre Rebellion (True Rebellion) Stiersbach, 27.12.02 13 Uhr (DVD) Sense of life, the master’s job, "holy - worldly"
  • An Affair of the Heart Amsterdam, 1.11.02 (CD) Satsang, karma and perfection, spiritual bullshit, addiction
  • Zeit des Erwachens (Time of Awakening) Cologne, 19.10.02 (DVD) Awakening, totality, God as a human, not being a mother
  • Enlightenment is a Dirty Word Münster, 11.10.01 (DVD) Enlightenment, world peace, meditation, debts
  • Be the Master of Your House Berlin, 11.04.01 (DVD) "Helper’s syndrome", living the truth, unemployment
  • In the Eye of the Hurricane Berlin, 10.04.01 (DVD) "Live dangerously!", business, psychosis, authority
  • Pulling the Teeth of the Tiger Berlin, 09.04.01 (DVD) Love thy neighbor, spiritual impatience, doing everything wrong
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