March 03.03. - 06.03.22 Madhubhan Satsang
  09.03. - 13.03.22 Madhubhan Satsang
  17.03. - 20.03.22 Madhubhan Fullmoon Intensive
  23.03. - 27.03.22 Madhubhan Satsang
April 02.03. - 03.04.22 Madhubhan Satsang
  06.04. - 10.04.22 Madhubhan Satsang

14.04. - 19.04.22 Hübenthal Easter Retreat
  22.04. - 24.04.22 Madhubhan Satsang
  27.04. - 29.04.22 Madhubhan Satsang
May 01.05.22 Madhubhan Satsang
  04.05. - 08.05.22 Madhubhan Satsang
  13.05. - 16.05.22 Madhubhan Fullmoon Intensive
June 02.06. - 09.06.22 Madhubhan Whitesun Retreat
July 08.07. - 13.07.22 Madhubhan Summer Retreat
August       19.08. - 26.08.22 Madhubhan Birthday Retreat

For further information please click on the respective date in the table. All other dates to be announced.

In the Satsangs and Retreats in Madhubhan we follow the Corona Hygiene Regulations. Also in all our seminar houses we follow the hygiene concept regarding the corona situation.
Please inform yourself in time about current measures and overnight arrangements. Please remember to bring warm clothing during your stay, as there is plenty of ventilation. For the relaxed participation on site we explicitly ask you to adhere to the safety standards. Furthermore we are happy that Satsang is available online for everybody almost every day.

Satsang with Soham has been broadcast online almost daily since March 2020. During the broadcast questions can be asked live to Soham. Satsang takes place in English language with German translation. Event days are usually Thursday to Sunday, starting online at 7:30 pm.

For a limited number of participants there is the possibility to participate in Satsangs on site in Madhubhan (Home of Soham). Registration is requested. The address (near Kirchheimbolanden) will be given upon registration. Registration under: satsang@soham.one or Phone +49 (0)179 1017379