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Samarpan was born in San Francisco in 1941, the sixth of eight children, spending his childhood in a normal Catholic family. After school he went to a seminary for 3 years; then he studied psychology. He worked as a psychologist for a short while; he then worked with a gas company and later as a plumber, taxi driver and window cleaner. He was the father of four children of his first marriage; then in 1981 he found the Indian mystic Osho and lived with him in Oregon/USA. Osho gave him the name Samarpan, meaning 'surrender'.

During a retreat with Gangaji Samarpan realized perfectly clear that there is nobody, no person, no Samarpan, nobody who could be enlightened or not enlightened, and that his individual personality only consists of concepts, opinions and ideas, but that it never really existed. He realized that this absence of a person is the peace he had been looking for for so long.

Today Samarpan lives outside of Frankfurt with his wife Marga. Since 1998 he is now giving satsang in Germany and a few more European countries. With sensitivity and humor he guides people through their processes. He keeps reminding each one that it is only about withdrawing the attention from the mind so that the truth can reveal itself and peace can happen - peace which has always been here and always will be, independent of the respective life circumstances. In satsang Samarpan shows people in a very simple way how this is possible without any effort.